Hook products can be seen everywhere in daily life. The common fixing methods of hook include screw (drilling) and double-sided adhesive tape. These two mounting hooks are either troublesome to install or inconvenient to remove. We recommend a kind of hook which is convenient to fix and remove, that is magnetic hook.

The Advantages Of Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic hooks are daily necessities and working tools that use magnetic force as the fixing force of hooks. The magnetic hook is composed of a hook body and a magnetic base. Only for support surfaces made of magnetic conducting materials. Because the magnetic force is used to fix the hook on the support surface, when using the magnetic hook, there is no need to punch, nail, weld, and bond the support surface. It is easy to move, simple and practical without leaving any trace. The only disadvantage of the magnetic hook is that the application scenario is limited to magnetic conducting materials.

Non-Marking Hooks - Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic hooks belong to traceless hooks, which are mostly used for temporary scenes or temporary displays. According to different magnetic materials, magnetic hooks include ferrite magnetic hooks and neodymium magnetic hooks (also known as strong magnetic hooks), which complement each other in terms of magnetic force and price.

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