Many customers are worried that magnets cannot be transported by air. We can definitely tell customers that magnets can also be transported by air

After reading the following article, you will learn more about the packaging requirements for shipping magnets by air, including restrictions, classification, packaging and safety regulations for international transportation.

In Order To Ship Magnets By Air

Permanent magnets are considered "dangerous goods" for air shipping. So permanent magnet shippers have to follow the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR).

All packages containing magnets must be measured magnetic flux less than 0.00525 Gauss 15' from the package. The package is not considered to contain magnetic material if flux measurements are less than 0.002 Gauss when measured 7' from the package, and hence is not classified as Dangerous Goods. The packaging shall be very safe. The magnet shall not be displaced during transportation or the shielding layer shall not be damaged. Otherwise, it is safer to place the packaging under DGR.

Packages containing magnetic materials must be labeled "magnetic inspection" and the shipper's declaration of dangerous goods must be provided to the carrier.The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires the personnel responsible for air transport magnets to receive training and keep training records.Please note that in addition to the transportation cost, the dangerous goods charge is also applicable to each package transported by air, which makes the cost of air transportation quite high.

Magnetic Packing Materials for Air Shipment

All of the above factors must be considered when packaging magnets for air transportation. Powerful magnets and magnet assemblies need shielding treatment to make the external magnetic field reach the air transport standard.

During air transportation, iron plates are used to shield the magnetic field. In order to intuitively show customers how to shield the magnetic field, we used a picture to show the air packaging method. The iron sheet in the picture can not only shield the magnetic field, but also protect the magnetic products in the box.

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