A permanent magnet is an object that can produce a magnetic field. However, the magnetic field is invisible to the human eye, so how to measure the magnetic strength of the magnet? You will get the answer to this question after reading the following article.

Magnetic Strength

Magnet strength is usually marked on commercial magnets as a reading based on Gaussian rating. There are two main types of magnetometers. One is used to observe the net magnetism of objects, which is called scalar device, and the other can track the magnetic vector and give the magnetic field intensity in a specific direction, which is called vector device. Different magnetometers work in different ways.Fluxmeter and Tesla meter are commonly used to measure magnetic force. The former measures the magnetic flux density of a magnet and the latter measures the magnetic field strength on the surface of a specific magnet.

It should be noted that the Gaussian rating usually provided for magnets does not actually reflect the surface magnetism of the object. Generally, the magnet strength calculated on commercial magnets will reflect the core strength of the magnet, which may be much stronger than the surface strength.

In recent years, with the popularity of rare earth magnets in the family, the strength of magnets has begun to be simply expressed by tensile strength, which refers to the weight that magnets can pull and measured by tensile tester. It should also be noted that magnet strength may be affected by many conditions, including electricity, heat and humidity in some cases.

Concluding Remarks

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