There is a layer of steel shell outside the  magnet, which is shaped like a pot, so it is named pot magnet. It is a very common product in magnetic components. The combination of magnet and steel shell can optimize the magnetic circuit, enhance the unilateral magnetic force, and avoid bumping the magnet in use. Pot magnets can be seen in various production and life scenes.

Application Of Pot Magnets

Pot magnets are often used in magnetic hook, door stop, traction lamp and magnetic fixture for magnetic mounting and magnetic fishing.

Structure Of Pot Magnet.

Pot Magnet Is Composed Of Magnet, Steel Shell And Filler

Magnets: magnet of NdFeB, SmCo, ferrite and AlNiCo can be used to make pot magnets.

Steel shell: There are two production processes: turning and stamping. The price of stamping process is lower, the dimensional accuracy of turning process is higher, and it can produce products with more dimensional requirements, especially pot magnets with larger diameter. (for the same size, the turning accuracy is higher).

Filler: generally made of plastic, epoxy resin, brass, etc.

Principle Of Pot Magnets

Under normal circumstances, the magnetic lines of force of the magnet are freely distributed in the air, while the pot magnet adds a steel shell outside the magnet. The guidance of the magnetic circuit makes the magnetic lines of force focus on the working surface. After the pot magnet is sucked onto the iron plate and contacted with the working surface, the magnetic lines of force gather much more than usual, so its tensile force is also much larger than that of ordinary magnets.

Types Of Pot Magnets

In appearance, the pot magnets can be made with countersunk holes,threaded bushing and threaded pins,or just blind ended pot magnets.Both deep pot magnets and shallow pot magnets are available.

In terms of magnetic materials,neodymium pot magnets, ferrite pot magnets, samarium cobalt pot magnets and aluminum-nickel-cobalt pot magnets are available.