In recent years, as countries pay more and more attention to energy and environmental issues, the small and medium-sized permanent magnet motor industry is full of vitality. Our produced more and more motor magnets for worldwide permanent magnet motor factories.We introduce the advantages of permanent magnet motor as follows:

1. High Power Density And Efficiency

Compared with ordinary motor, permanent magnet motor has high power density, which mainly refers to the small volume of permanent magnet motor and large power generation or output. Compared with ordinary motors, the energy saving reaches 20% - 40%. The rotor structure of permanent magnet motor is different from that of ordinary motor. Permanent magnet poles are installed on the rotor of permanent magnet motor; The excitation coil is installed on the rotor of an ordinary motor, and the magnetic field can be obtained only when the current is connected.

2. Small Size And Light Weight

The structure of permanent magnet motor is simple. Due to the use of high-performance permanent magnet materials to provide magnetic field, the air gap magnetic field of permanent magnet motor is greatly enhanced compared with ordinary motor, while the volume and weight of permanent magnet motor are greatly reduced compared with ordinary motor, and the size and shape of motor are also flexible and diverse.

3. Lower Failure Rate And Wide Application

High performance rare earth permanent magnet provides magnetic field for permanent magnet motor, which has lower failure rate and is more widely used.

4. Large Starting Torque

When the permanent magnet motor works normally, the rotor winding does not work, so the rotor winding can fully meet the requirements of high starting torque in design, for example, from 1.8 times to 2.5 times or even more.