With the increasing popularity of magnetic fishing, outdoor strong magnet fishing is not only an underwater fishing method but also a hobby of some people. Professional strong fishing magnets have been commercialized. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of neodymium fishing magnets, we would like to share our experience in outdoor magnetic fishing as follows.

How To Fish Outdoors With Strong Magnets?

1. The first is the size of a strong magnet. Generally speaking, the large the magnetic fishing magnets, the higher the magnetic force. However, in many cases, it is not necessary to have a large magnet for magnetic fishing.

2. Generally, when choosing the fishing magnet, the biggest one is to choose the palm-size fishing magnet. Usually, some coins are the most found outdoors. Therefore, outdoor magnetic fishing should follow suit.

3. When conducting magnetic fishing, do not choose the rope that will become loose when encountering water when selecting the rope, because it is easy to lose the knot under the water.

4. When fishing in shallow water, the throwing distance is relatively long, which will lead to the breaking of the magnet, because the magnet itself is relatively brittle and is easy to break when encountering hard stones. It is best to choose a professional magnetic fishing magnet with iron shell protection.

5. The salvaged objects are dirty and most of them have rusted, so it is easy to hurt hands when picking them, so it is recommended to wear gloves when do magnet fishing.

Concluding Remarks

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